Love is in the air and there is no hiding it this time of year. With Feb. 14 just around the corner, the overly hyped holiday is stressing out couples and reminding the single people that, well, they’re still single. The only difference between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is that Santa traded in the reindeer for arrows and hit up Victoria’s Secret.

For the last two weeks, I’ve listened to my friends either brag about their Valentine’s Day plans or complain about how single they are. Not having a valentine is almost worse than getting coal for Christmas. It is nearly impossible to walk around Fashion Valley without catching a glimpse of a pink and red Victoria Secret bag. See’s Candy has its Valentine tuxedo boxes front and center in the windows, and Target has turned its holiday section into a chocolate and card filled carnival.

Valentine’s Day is meant for you and your significant other, but then who’s going to love all those single kids?

As many know, Tinder is the hot new dating app and its users have skyrocketed the last few weeks. Coincidence? I think not. Valentine’s Day brings on a lot of pressure to find love. As far as Tinder goes, I don’t think that’s the best way to go about finding your special someone.

I am left with little room to judge the app since I’ve never used it, but I do have some strong feelings against it. Sure there are tons of Tinder success stories, but why create a profile when all you want is a Valentine’s date. Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate love, not a hook-up. Will you really feel better about having a Valentine if it is someone you met on Tinder?

The horror stories about Tinder that I have heard from friends out-weigh the success stories. For all you know, you could be meeting the Left Shark from the Super bowl. That may be okay for a day that doesn’t come with expectations, but not Valentine’s Day.

Instead of reminding yourself that you’re single, make plans with your friends. Better yet, throw a huge Anti-Valentine’s Day party.There’s no need to be cynical with your color scheme here either. Make it happy, and make it fun! Any type of food is appropriate, and as far as music goes, bring out Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” and turn up the Taylor Swift.

All you single kids out there dialing 1-800-I-Need-A-Valentine and swiping right looking for your special someone, just stop. Embrace the singleness and give your love to someone you know! Buy some chocolate for your best friend and definitely don’t forget to eat some extra chocolate yourself.