Students have spring break fever

With spring break quickly approaching, it’s time for students at the University of San Diego to make the all-important decision: how to spend the week off. Some will choose to spend it celebrating their college years on the beaches in Cabo, some will instead choose to catch up on work or give back to the community during the break, and others will opt for a low-key option of heading home or going on a casual roadtrip. No matter your destination, spring break is sure to be one of the highlights of spring semester.

When some students think of San Diego, the phrase “we live where you spring break” comes to mind. In reality, there is no need to leave school at all when all the fun of spring break can be had right here in San Diego.

Senior Sophia Gaffney took this sentiment to heart while planning a staycation. Instead of going on a large trip, she decided to make the most of her spring break by pairing relaxation with some smaller trips.

“My roommates and I decided to have a staycation because we figured why pay to go to paradise when we’re here already,” Gaffney said. “We are going to do a lot of San Diego things that we can’t normally do because of school or work. We’re renting a house in Temecula one night to go wine tasting. Then, my girlfriend and I are going to Vegas one weekend, which I’m stoked for because I’ve never been.”

Although spring break is earlier than normal this year, the San Diego beaches are sure to be as beautiful as always, making a staycation a viable and affordable option.

However, the early break can create conflicts with students trying to coordinate break trips with friends or family with different break schedules than USD.

Senior Gabby Koepenick has opted to arrange an extra trip that works with her family’s schedule instead of going someplace over spring break.

“I don’t have any major plans for spring break,” Koepenick said. “I am going on a ski trip to Montana in late March though, because that way we can go as a family.”

This is an option that many may consider, especially given that this year the university has given students a spring and an Easter break. That way, if students wish to spend spring break with friends, they still have the opportunity to see their families at Easter.

Senior Grace Avery said that last year she went on the University Ministry Tijuana Spring Breakthrough (TJSB), a weeklong immersion in Tijuana. Avery shared that this year it’s nice to have the option of going on an immersion trip or celebrating Easter with family or friends.

“Spring break is a great chance to enjoy time off from classes by staying and enjoying San Diego, visiting home, or traveling to a new city,” Avery said. “Last year, I went on TJSB as a way to engage with communities just on the other side of our border and to gain new perspectives through immersion. This year, it’s nice that, however students choose to spend their spring break, it’s separate from the Easter break, giving students a chance to enjoy two breaks.”

Junior Eli Rivette noted that encouragement from her friends and family axnd the prospect of a new adventure prompted her to join an Outdoor Adventures trip.

“I decided to go on the trip because [my friend] pushed me to, and then when I asked my parents about it, my mom, Dorothy, was super excited by the idea,” Rivette said. “She noted that I had never really done anything like it before, I’ve never been backpacking, and this would be an incredible opportunity to really try something new and step completely out of my comfort zone.”

This year, the spring break possibilities are endless. Regardless of what you and your friends choose to do with your time off, remember to stay safe and be respectful no matter what.

By Dani DeVries, Opinion Editor