7 Day Weekend by Mike Czech: Album Review

Fun Fact: Mike Czech is actually his real name. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Who likes candy? In case you didn’t get your fill from trick-or-treating on Halloween (or mom threw out all your loot because of an irrational fear that it was poisoned) I’ve got some for you. Don’t worry, I don’t drive an unmarked white van and I don’t have any puppies back at my apartment for you to play with. However, I do have Mike Czech’s new album, “7 Day Weekend”.

Let’s start with the title as it appears on the front of the album. Highlighted in neon and sitting below a sunglassed and stylishly bald 30-something whom we can only assume is Mike Czech, the words 7 DAY WEEKEND make whoever reads them want to hop the next trolley to the Gaslamp and start lining up whiskey shots. Any reservations about the aforementioned plan of action are put to rest with track one and its sample of Corey Worthington aka “Aussie Party Kid” as he’s known on Youtube. The subsequent scratching and spinning segues into a Black Eyed Peas sample which serves as a convenient sorting technique. As the listener, you need simply to answer the following question:

Q) At the 20 second mark of track one of “7 Day Weekend”, my ears began to _____.

a) perk up

b) bleed

c) shrivel-up

d) fall off

If you answered B, C, or D, you either don’t like pop music or like relatively unknown bands and wear flannel. Maybe both. Either way, Mike Czech isn’t your thing. However, if you answered A, “7 Day Weekend” is right up your alley. The album is a nice exhibition of Mike Czech’s skills as a DJ (something he puts on display every Thursday night at Moondoggies and every Saturday night at Air Conditioned). Mike Czech does well incorporating past hits, current hits, and upcoming hits and even throws in audio from a viral video clip or two. Careful listeners can pick out Double Rainbow Guy screaming out on the album. I’ve got candy for whoever finds it first.