• The Zika virus is most commonly spread through mosquitoes in Central American countries.

    Zika virus linked with birth defects

    Brooklyn Dippo | News Editor The Zika virus is spreading across the Americas and is leaving behind a devastating trail. The World Health Organization (WHO) has linked Zika virus outbreaks […]

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  • Kim Jong Un, leader of the Democratic People’s of Korea, ordered a satellite launch Sunday morning.

    North Korea launches controversy

    Ellie Smith | Asst. News Editor The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) launched a satellite into space early Sunday morning from the city of Pyongyang, according to news reports. This […]

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  • Photo courtesy of Flikr CC/ Gage Skidmore

    Let’s get po-LIT-ical

    KARL STOUT | THE USD VISTA | CONTRIBUTOR With the start of the 2016 Presidential primaries on Monday, Feb. 1, the fight for the democratic candidacy will be a close […]

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  • dribbling

    Torero basketball sees varying levels of success

    HUNTER JAMESON | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | @hjamo Torero basketball has been in full swing for nearly two months and there has been a lot to celebrate thus far. The men’s team […]

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  • Photo Courtesy of Baker Electric/Flickr Creative Commons
San Diego plans to use 100 pecent renewable energy by 2035.

    San Diego’s Climate Action Plan

    HENLEY DOHERTY | ASST. BUSINESS EDITOR | THE USD VISTA | @ralphlaurhen This past December, the United Nations held a conference on global climate change in Paris, France, enacting an […]

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