A letter from the Dean

Welcome to the University of San Diego!

As you join the university for Olé Weekend, our hope is that we can provide you with a foundational experience that allows you to begin your college journey successfully. Throughout Olé Weekend, you will be introduced to a number of topics and experiences aimed at providing you with knowledge about the college experience, as well as a sense of belonging at USD. I encourage you to lean in and fully participate in all that has been planned for you during your orientation days.

While Olé Weekend is the beginning of your USD experience, I want to fast forward to the time when you will graduate from USD. Imagine yourself walking across the stage at commencement and receiving your diploma. Hopefully, you will be able to think back about your USD experience as one of the best times of your life. I’d like to offer a few tips to ensure that you have one of the best and unique educational experiences of your life.

Living and Learning: A majority of new students will live on campus in the residence halls. The residence halls are not just a place to sleep, shower, and study. At USD, the residence halls are a place where learning occurs via your encounters with those from various states and countries. In doing so, you will form relationships that will last a lifetime and quickly find that USD is now your new home. Please take advantage of the many learning experiences you’ll be invited to participate in by the Residential Life staff as well as your LLC theme.

Academic Life: One of the primary reasons you are in college is to engage the life of the mind through USD’s Core Curriculum and your academic discipline. Be sure to consistently attend your classes, be an active participant, and complete course requirements. If you are experiencing a problem in your academic experience, reach out to your faculty, Scholastic Assistant, Resident Assistant, or the Dean of Students to learn about the many academic services at USD. Seeking help early is my best advice if you are having academic challenges.

Social Life and Wellness: A significant amount of your time in college will be spent outside of the classroom. Given this change from high school, you will need to think about how you will manage your daily life. Plan out your day to include time for class attendance, outside-of-class homework and study time, regular exercise, meals, and time for social events, including campus involvement. The Center for Student Success is a great resource to assist with developing a time management plan. A good time management plan will set you up for success and reduce stress.

Seek Assistance: Please do not hesitate to reach out for help. Both our faculty and administrative staff are eager to assist you and ensure your success!

Finally, learn about what it means to be a Torero and Changemaker in your early days at USD. In doing so, you’ll discover beauty and goodness that will last a lifetime.


Dr. Donald Godwin

Assistant Vice President 

and Dean of Students