A new name for the Old Globe Program


In honor of Donald and Darlene Shiley, the Old Globe and University of San Diego Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Program has now been renamed as The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate of Theatre Program.

The renaming of the program honors the passion and help the Shileys’ have given to the University of San Diego theatre program over the years. The Shileys’ have donated a generous endowment that enables students to attend the M.F.A. program for free.

In a press release from both the University of San Diego and The Old Globe Theatre, Provost Andrew T. Allen shares his gratitude for the Shiley family contribution to the program. “The new name reflects the Shileys’ passion for the theatre and investment in The Old Globe and M.F.A. program over the years,” says Allen.

“We are grateful for their tremendous support that has allowed the Shiley Graduate Theatre Program to become one of the most acclaimed classical training programs in the United States.”

In the 1980s, The Old Globe had a national reputation as a well established Shakespearean theater. Craig Noel, the director of The Old Globe program, understood that the future of classical theater depends on young actors that have the ability to learn the traditional and classical techniques. The use of these well groomed techniques are required to bring some of the most famous classical works to life on stage.

Noel and University of San Diego Vice President collaborated to provide a platform on which these classical techniques could be taught to the next generation of talented actors. From this dream came the original The Old Globe and University of San Diego M.F.A. program.               

Each fall, this current program accepts only seven students out of hundreds of applicants from all over the United States. This theater program is recognized as one of the most competitive graduate acting programs in the country with only a two-percent acceptance rate. One of the most notable alumni of the Old Globe and University of San Diego Master of Fine Arts Theatre Program is the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actor Jim Parsons from the hit show, “The Big Bang Theory.”

The M.F.A. program offers students various unique experiences that sets it apart from other Master programs around the country.  With only seven actors in each class, students receive a great amount of personal attention in order to help reach their full potential. Students of the Old Globe and University of San Diego program have the opportunity to travel to London for a theater tour. Now, thanks to the Shiley family, each student of the professional actor training program is given a full-tuition scholarship from the University. Each student receives over $80,000 in financial support.

After a rigorous two year program, students leave with the skills necessary to pursue a professional and successful acting career. The program has a showcase at the end of the year in New York and Los Angeles that have been very helpful for graduates to establish successful careers in film, television, and Broadway.   

The already successful Old Globe and University of San Diego Master in Fine Arts Theatre Program now has the benefit of passion, enthusiasm, and financial help from the Shiley family creating the new The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate of Theatre Program.