A Review of Cavo’s Opening Performance for Daughtry and Lifehouse at Sports Arena

photo courtesy theagencygroup.com

By John Sigler

Dedication is starting to pay off for St. Louis-based modern rock group, Cavo. Originally formed in early 2001, the group developed a local fan base in St. Louis through hard work and determination. After this early success the band faced a few setbacks that seemed to put their career on hold. In 2006, the band’s lineup solidified and they have been steadily picking up steam and climbing the charts ever since.

The group reached No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts with their single, “Champagne,” off their first major label album, Bright Nights * Dark Days. Their third single, “Let It Go,” was featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Cavo mixes up hard rock, alternative pop melodies and small doses of grunge to create a fist pumping sound. They’ve quickly become a staple for fans of groups such as Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle.

Last weekend the group opened for Daughtry and Lifehouse over at Sports Arena and had a very impressive set. Their music rang through crisp and clean. The instrumentation didn’t overpower the vocals and allowed for a perfect mix of direct rock. Perhaps lead singer, Casey Walker, stood out most in their performance. You could feel the emotion behind each song and he connected really well with the audience, which is an amazing feat as fans were still filing into the venue. Throughout the tour, it seems that many have viewed the band as an unheard of opener that might have generated a little bit of buzz. However, this weekend’s performance, and the continued growth by touring with Lifehouse and Daughtry, will undoubtably make Cavo a household name.