A Review of Trevor Hall’s Live Album

Summer, is that you? Indeed.

You know what that means. A little down time? Perhaps, just a little. Time to roll down the windows, drive into the sunset and party on. In the summertime, though, it seems that more than usual people are looking for that perfect little soundtrack, music to really set the vaca-vibe, a sound some would refer to as “chill” music, something light, easy-going, a tad acoustic and flavorful. Looking for it? Still? Look no further than Trevor Hall, with his new release come June 29th.

Light, easy-going, a tad acoustic and flavorful? Check, check, check and check. All the above…AND all live recordings from his 2009 and 2010 tour. In this live recorded album, Hall asks his listeners for some love in his track, “Where’s the Love?” So, listen up, cool down, join in, chill out and show his album, Chasing the Flame: On the Road With Trevor Hall the summer lovin’ it deserves.

Each transition from track to track includes bits of Hall talking to, joking and making merry with his audience, helping to highlight what a fun and overall casual compilation this album really is. His songs, possessing strong reggae, rock, acoustic and folk influences not only have great rhyme and rhythm, but are seasoned with some insightful lyrics too. Hall asks his listeners to ponder some pretty heavy concepts, especially with the inclusion of “Poem” on the album. Hall’s “Poem,” backed by acoustic guitar is structured similarly to slam poetry – real lucid, free-flowing and stylistically meditative. Hall concludes this track with the repetition of the phrase, “Whoever brought us here, yes, shall have to take us home.” See? While this album has a light, easy-breezy overall sound, it also works in some food for thought, too.

With the inclusion of drums, bass and both electric and acoustic guitar, Hall really keeps his listeners entertained and asking for more. On the album, his audience gets especially rowdy when Hall breaks into “The Lime Tree,” one of his better known and more recognized tracks. Upon the start of this song on the album, listeners will hear loud hooting, continuous hollering, intense whistling and frequent clapping, all signs that Hall has really got the attention he needs and deserves. In this song he sings out, “Toast my glass to all my loved ones to let them know that the stars, well they still shine,” just as all his fans are making it pretty evident that he still shines, too.

So, enjoy that little bit of seasonal downtime with Chasing the Flame: On the Road With Trevor Hall.

Let’s hope this summer is…as hot as Hall.