A review of TSOOL’s “Immaculate Convergence”

Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of our Lives (also recognized as TSOOL) have returned from their memorable 2003 Grammy nominated album, Behind the Music, with new music on their 2010 EP release Immaculate Convergence.

The overall sound of The Soundtrack of Our Lives is a beautiful clash of traditional folksy rock combined with classic alternative sounds, such as the low soft voice of vocalist Ebbot Lundberg. In their first song, “The Passover,” the lyrics will immediately grasp the attention of listeners with the opening line ,“Don’t Pass it on, if you know its wrong,” and listeners will continue to float along with the melodic drums and repetitive chorus.

In “Take Me Back,” the pace is slightly faster than that of other tracks. There seems to be a stronger focus on the acoustic sound of the song, yet the underlying piano and keyboard prove to be more powerful. In “From This Moment,” the simplicity of an acoustic guitar blended with the four vocalists delivers listeners to a dreamlike state.

Finally in “Snuff Parade,” a track with an upbeat and cheerful sound, the band sings about talking to “paranoia,” “hypochondria” and “psycho drama (who is never satisfied with anything).” I feel that I could see the tune being fused into future commercials or movies. The Soundtrack of Our lives will be visiting San Diego at the Casbah on Feb. 24 and will perform their unique folksy twist on what we always thought was called “alternative.” See you there!

“The Passover”

1 – The Passover

“Snuff Parade”

3 – Snuff Parade