A very happy Valentine’s Day

DIEGO LUNA | BUSINESS EDITOR | @diegotothemoon

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and many happy couples are going to spend vast amounts of money on extravagant gifts for their significant others.

Actually, US News has estimated that Valentine’s Day spending will exceed the $19 billion threshold.

I, on the other hand, will buy myself a $40 dessert, and since I’m over the age of 21 I’ll also enjoy a couple of champagne flutes filled with chilled Dom Pérignon, and I’ll be taking a hard look at my dating life.

All kidding aside, I probably can’t afford Dom Pérignon so I’ll probably have to settle for a mid-priced Riesling dessert wine.

I’ve been talking to a few friends lately, some of them will be joining me on Sunday, some have lavish plans, and others absolutely despise Valentine’s Day.

Some of my peers have explicitly detailed plans and others say a box of chocolates will suffice. The range of prices vary between males, females, younger peeps, and older folk. According to my investigations, the price range starts at $15 and goes up to $400.

Price means very little me, which is why I’m perfectly comfortable buying a five dollar bouquet of tulips, or a $30 dozen medley of valentine lilies and roses, or better yet I’ll hand pick a dozen carnations from my backyard.

Don’t take my conservative purchasing habits as a sign of weakness or stinginess, instead read it as a means of ingenuity and spontaneity, because that’s what I think it’s all about.

I don’t necessarily agree that Valentine’s Day is the only day to pamper each other. One day I might bring her a tiny cupcake from a local mom and pop bakery, and another day I might bring an entire symphony to her windowsill and serenade to her.

I’ve also noticed there has been a dynamic change in double standards. Some of my girl-friends confess that they will be taking initiative this year and surprising him instead of the traditional, wait for him to surprise her tactic.

Again, I’ll admit I’m not the best Valentine’s Day observer and I don’t recall ever having a successful Valentine’s Day date. However, I’m young and I’m exactly like wine, I get better as I age.