A week without a laptop


Last week my laptop broke. Initially, it seemed like a small problem. I use my computer all the time, but I know a number of students who get by just fine without a laptop and the school has a number of computers available to use or check out from the library.

I am finding that it is not so easy to go without a personal computer. It is incredible how much I rely on my laptop. After about four days without it, I feel helpless.

It is the only thing I use in most of my classes to take notes and most of my textbooks are on my laptop.

I hardly know how to take notes in a real, paper notebook anymore and have found myself horribly underprepared for my classes. I never printed out my class syllabi because I could always use my computer to view them. Now, I am forgetting assignments and constantly asking classmates what is due and when it is due.

I use it as my calendar and to do list as well. I have struggled to revert back to using my notebook to keep track of my appointments and deadlines.

For my internship, I do all my work on my laptop. All of the company’s contacts, leads and accounts are tracked and communicated with on a computer. Without my laptop, I have no way to perform any of the tasks I am responsible for or communicate with my bosses via email.

This experience has made me realize just how much of my life is on my laptop and how many traditional tasks have become digital.

An astonishing amount of life takes place online. In every aspect of my life I use my laptop for one thing or another. I have been using the school’s resources, but it has not been able to replace the convenience of always having my laptop available.

I have never considered how much easier life is with a computer. Having to do things without it has given me great appreciation for technology.

It is something I think many of us take for granted. I never realized how much easier it was to keep track of and keep organized all the different things going on in my life.

Digital technology has transformed the way we do everything. The technology industry currently affects every aspect of the average American’s life.

Businesses have found incredible ways to make everyday tasks more efficient and more high-tech. Unfortunately, when we are without the technology, nearly everything we do is made more difficult.

While some may be against the increasing role of technology in everyday life, I think the benefits are invaluable.