Abroad in London


Studying abroad in London, England this past summer has definitely been one of the highlights of my experience so far here at USD. I chose to study in London mainly due to the fact that the city has so much to offer a student. London is so large and diverse, I tried to branch out and experience as much of the city as I could.

As with several other countries within the European Union, London has a great and efficient underground transport system. With the London Underground, more commonly known as the Tube, all of the districts within the city are easily accessible, as long as you don’t get trapped in a train car doorway like I did — but that’s another story. Fares for the Tube are reasonably priced when compared to paying for alternative methods of transportation such as cabs.

One of the main things London is known for is its plays. The two plays I saw along with the rest of my class were “Death of a Salesman” and “Everyman,” both of which were fantastic.

As for the food in London, you may be surprised to hear that it was some of the best I’ve ever had. While traditional English faire didn’t make the top of the list of my favorite meals in London, the city is so diverse that you can really find any type of food, with countless options. Restaurants of every type of food seem to be able to make good business in London, as walking down nearly any given street, you can find foods from a wide variety of cultures.  The city is especially known for having some of the best and most authentic Indian and Bangladeshi food, and I can attest to this.

London has amazing food markets too, my favorite being Borough Market. Here, you can easily satisfy any craving. If you ever go abroad to London, this is not a market to pass up.

Perhaps my favorite area to spend time in was Covent Garden, an open piazza with great shopping, restaurants, and even a small market. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, especially if you’re searching for a delicious snack (may I recommend Ben’s Cookies?).

While my experience was priceless, London is definitely an expensive place to vist, especially considering the currency exchange rate.

These are just some of my favorite experiences from my time in London. If you ever make it there, I highly recommend visiting these places.

Wherever you plan on going, if you have the opportunity to study abroad, seize it.