“Brand New Eyes” Paramore album review

Brand New Eyes Album Cover

Paramore is back! The band has released their new album Brand New Eyes this September and it has some compelling changes to what was loved and worshipped by adoring fans of their previous album Riot!. Hayley Williams, a 20 year old vocal power house switches from her memorable rocker style to a soft folk-like style in a couple songs off this album. Joined by guitarist Josh Farro and Taylor York, songs such as “Misguided ghosts” and “The Only Exception” are drastically mellower then what people may be used to singing along to in their car. Other than exploring the simple acoustic sounds of the guitar, songs like “Playing God” and “Turn it Off” reside on more of the pop/alternative end of the scale versus the faster rock songs that they created before.

Lyrically, Paramore is evolving steadily. Nothing rapid, however their lyrics are becoming much more expressive from their early songs off their first Album All We Know is Falling. One song particularly, “Brick by Boring Brick”, is set up like a story with a main character versus the first person lyrics of previous songs. This “fairytale” of a girl who is “ripping wings of butterflies” (may explain the dismantled butterfly on the cover) has deep descriptions of how to identify love through the five senses.
For those who were craving more of the heavy guitar, loud drums and Williams’ unforgettable voice, the CD opens up with reminders of Riot! with “Careful” and “Ignorance”. Unfortunately, the criticism I have of this album is that I feel it’s still difficult to distinguish between a few of the songs (a weakness I felt Riot! had as well).

Overall, Paramore has been gaining more popularity and I feel this album may help them take off even further!!

My favorite song off Brand New Eyes is “All I Wanted”. Has a haunting soft beginning followed by great displays of Hayley Williams voice. I feel this one has the combination of the electric Riot! along with the soft twists from their new songs.