Album Review: Day Escape EP by Air Dubai

Air Dubai's new EP, Day Escape


By Tom “Wonder Boy” Roth

Day Escape
Air Dubai
Label: unsigned
Released October 25, 2011

The last time Air Dubai checked in, it was March 28. The release of Remixtape was a reminder to those familiar (and an introduction for those who weren’t) that Denver-based rap-rockers Air Dubai were still on the scene, pumping out material. Remixtape took tracks from their full-length album, October 2010’s Wonder Age, and gave them a fresh spin.

Now, just seven months later, the band is out and about with a new six track EP, Day Escape. Starting with promotional track “Soul & Body”, Day Escape sets itself up for a jazzy groove-session, as the bumping clap-track backs Julian Thomas’ vocals. As Thomas belts the “soul, soul, and body” chorus, Air Dubai’s six other members clock in with a guitar/up-down drum/synth combo.

On the whole, the EP is a strong showing, more listenable than the outsourced feeling of the group’s last release, Remixtape. Bluesy guitar bits on “Summer Solstice” and “Still Searching” are plenty of fun as is the horn track on “Magazines”. The sinister, creeping progression on that track keeps things interesting.

With Day Escape, Air Dubai adds to their resume a respectable collection of tracks. However, their accomplishments in terms of quality are mitigated by the lack of exploration. Overly similar sounds on Day Escape and Wonder Age could be problematic for the band. On the other hand, this could be the release that gets them noticed. With a substantiated repertoire, Air Dubai could be on the verge of something big. National tour? Signing with a label? Keep an eye open. Air Dubai is poised to take off.