Album Review: ‘Go Find Your Love’ by Sea Fever

Sea Fever’s doing pretty well for themselves. In the short time the Seattle-based group has been together, they have accomplished what most bands spend years striving for.

Performed for Fleet Foxes? Check.

Played the Showbox, one of Seattle’s most coveted venues? Check.

Press an album? Check.

The most impressive aspect of the band? Five out of six members are full-time students, making the release of their debut album, “Go Find Your Love” nothing short of miraculous.

Go Find Your Love” starts off strong with “The Great Divorce”, a sometimes driving-sometimes lilting anthem that sits the listener firmly in his seat like a stern father with something to say.

The group’s softer side comes through on tracks like “Far” and the title track, “Go Find Your Love”, the latter being a moving account of that all-too-familiar feeling of wanting the unattainable. Lead singer, Andy Zook, laments, “I gave you all that I have” while being “ashamed of all that I’ve had and still, I’ve never had you”.

Drummer, Tyler Scott’s confident rhythms on “Columbia” lead the listener on a march across the group’s home state, speaking truths along the way including Washingtonians’ habit of “choosing coffee over rest”. Sea Fever’s local roots also shine through on the album’s farewell track “Washington”, a Sufjan Stevens-esque tribute to life in the Northwest, lovers, friends, and any imaginable combination of the three.

On the whole, “Go Find Your Love” reflects the conditions it was recorded under. No sunny skies and days at the beach are to found here. Instead, notes from a somber piano and melancholy vocals create the signature rainy-day listening Seattle has come to be known for. At the same time, however, Sea Fever refuses to blend in. It’s Fleet Foxes with more variety. It’s Coldplay with less pretentious falsetto. “Go Find Your Love” is worth finding. Go for it.

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