Album Review: Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday's self-titled album is a powerfully creative and passionate fresh start

Taking Back Sunday’s fifth, self-titled album marks the return of long-absent members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, who were last present on the band’s debut album Tell All Your Friends. As a cherished album, there is no doubt that fans will be hoping for the band to return to that original sound. However, rather than go back over old ground, the band bursts back to life with an album that has a sound all it’s own, which still maintains the passion and creativity that were at the core of the band’s beloved first album.

Beginning with “El Paso,” Taking Back Sunday make it clear that this album is going to be different, and then continue to shine with creativity as each new track separates itself from the one before it with a fresh burst of inspiration. Songs standing out from the crowd include “Sad Savior,” future fan favorite “This Is All Now,” and stunningly perfect album closer “Call Me In The Morning.” Each track on this album sounds different from the next, and each track takes the listener on a very unique journey, whether it be a journey of questioning faith, dealing with broken relationships, or figuring out how to deal with the rest of life’s confusion.

Despite each track having its own sound, all tracks work together as a singular work of art, and may well make up the best album of this band’s career. This album may not have the classic sound that some were hoping for, but it may in fact have something better: A sound of it’s own, that could just be great enough to make it a new classic, adored for years to come just as Tell All Your Friends has been adored for the past decade. This album is a fresh start, and an impressive one at that.

Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday