Album Review: The Joy Formidable- “The Big Roar”

Looking for some new jams? Welsh trio, The Joy Formidable might be worth your time. The trio is led by a (possibly) angry chick named Ritzy, meaning her friends probably call her Ritz which is a good cracker.

How is that relevant you ask? Because just as Ritz is a good cracker, The Joy Formidable is a good act! They have a little something different. Somewhere between Alanis Morissette’s tormented lyrics and the spunk of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Big Roar

Their new album, “The Big Roar” is a commendable piece of indie/alternative musicianship. For a three piece, they sure do make a lot of noise, though it is all narratted beautifully by Ritzy Bryan’s heartfelt melodies.

Pulsating drums and spirited guitar riffs persist throughout the album. The standout tracks on this oft- hyped album include “Austere” and “I Don’t Want To See You Like This”.

The band is currently tearing it up at SXSW, and they will be coming to a Coachella near you on April 16th!

The Joy Formidable