Album Review: White Wives, “Happeners”

Being released on Adeline Records, Happeners is the debut album (and hopefully only the first of many)
by White Wives, a band that consists of members from Anti-Flag, Dandelion Snow,
and American Armada.  Backed by the combined experience of the members of these
three bands, Happeners is an album that fuses the passion of a new band with the
focus of veterans to make the most of that passion, with fantastic results.

The album kicks off with “Indian Summer, Indian Summer,” one
of several stand-out tracks. A song about “Middle-American kids searching for
the truth,” the song gives the album a soaring start, complete with some woah-oh’s
and an anthemic chorus sure to be sung by many middle-American kids in the near
future. Other songs that stand out among the batch are “Hungry Ghosts,” a song
about being who you are and moving forward without dwelling on the past, “Paper
Chaser,” a protest song against a capitalist society, and “Hallelujah I’m
Mourning,” easily the most heartfelt and affecting song of the batch.

Although not all songs stand out as much as others, the
album is solid all the way through. It is an album of an increasingly rare
kind, that which can be compared to a book that can’t be put down or a movie
you can’t look away from. This album is this Summer’s hidden gem, but hopefully
won’t be hidden for long, because something this great deserves to be heard by the