Alumni businesses prosper in San Diego

Fiji Frozen Yogurt


Fiji offers a cool treat for warm San Diego weather.

Fiji offers a cool treat for warm San Diego weather.

A 2007 USD graduate with a bachelor’s in business administration and a minor in Spanish, Kyle Miholich, owner of the Fiji Yogurt chain, has opened three successful stores in the San Diego area. Miholich has been dedicated to the freshest yogurt and freshest quality ingredients since he opened Fiji right after his graduation.

During Miholich’s time at USD, entrepreneurship was not as prevalent on campus as it is now.

“There was only one entrepreneurship class when I was a student and the course provided my first experience in creating a business plan,” Miholich said. “I am excited to see the increasing awareness of entrepreneurship on campus.”

In addition to providing him knowledge to start his own business, Miholich’s experience and endeavors in entrepreneurship at USD allowed him to run his own insurance and investment practice at MassMutual in La Jolla today.

Miholich considers his part-time job during his attendance at USD to have been a valuable tool that helps him manage his businesses today.

“I worked part-time at Riverwalk Golf Course while attending USD,” Miholich said. “I believe that it is important for students to get work experience while in school because there are valuable lessons to be learned outside of the classroom.”
The skills he learned outside the classroom rounded his character to better prepare him for the business world.

“I was able to develop my responsibility, time management skills and improve my terrible golf game through maintaining a part-time job during college,” Miholich said.

When starting up Fiji Yogurt, Miholich incorporated the skills he acquired in the classroom with what he acquired through his part-time job. As is the issue with most new startup companies, Miholich struggled at first with startup capital when founding Fiji Yogurt.

“Access to startup capital is usually the biggest challenge for young entrepreneurs and I was no different,” Miholich said. “I raised some capital through support of family and friends and had to be resourceful and responsible while seeking traditional credit.”

Luckily for Miholich, he was able to repay all his loans within a few years after starting his company.
“This required strict budgeting, dedication and making financial decisions based on my responsibility to my creditors and my business,” Miholich said.

Fiji Yogurt has been continually successful since its opening in 2007, and has been popular among students at USD.