Amanda Blank “I Love You” review by Kaitlin Perry


Amanda Blank is one of the newest (and most sexed up) members of the hipster music elite and garners connections that any modern aspiring pop star would die for. With big names such as Diplo and Switch on the production ticket and guest vocals of Santigold, Lykke Li, Spank Rock and Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids, Blank instantly gained mention in renowned publications such as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork Media’s website (which, as is their style, tore the album apart).

Blank’s debut album, “I Love You,” uniquely combines the styles of electro pop and hip-hop club hits to create the ideal pre-party “getting ready to go out” mix for any university girl that likes to push the party limits.

Tracks such as “Might Like You Better” (which borrows some racy rhymes from Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never”) and “Lemme Get Some” with guest vocals from Inglish stand out as the tongue-in-cheek tracks, the type of tracks that make you hold off on putting that dress on for another three minutes.

Blank can easily be grouped in with the likes of Uffie and Peaches, but her voice is rougher and her lyrics a bit easier to swallow. That’s not to say her lyrics are simple. They contain many an expletive and many a sexual reference, but rather than “F*** the pain away,” as Peaches would say, Blank would prefer to “Dance the pain away,” as is expressed in her track “DJ.”

Blank deserves much credit for her debut album. Her collaborations are creative, her talent is tangible and her beats are perfect to bounce around to in front of your bathroom mirror. If anything check out her cover of Vanity 6’s “Make-Up.”

“Might Like You Better”

might like you better