Andres Fresko in the Bassmnt

Event Coverage by John Barnum, USD Radio Editor

Andres Fresko played to us in the Bassmnt last Saturday Feb.27th and just like the legendary Rasputin, we were poisoned (if the back of your hand read “X” in black sharpie marker), shot (by lasers), drowned (in deep house and fog), and, if you dressed as well as most of the ladies there that evening, probably suffered from crippling hypothermia as soon as you walked outside.
I’m being poetic of course, no one was assaulted except for those affected by the mayhem a few ingenuous individuals caused when they concocted a scheme to play a team of Tasmanian Devil’s on the dance floor. The club was filled to the brim with Freskians and partygoers alike, turning the dance floor into an ocean of bobbing heads, parted when the devils (aforementioned) created a moshing whirlpool. Sound flooded beautifully into the ocean but was a little lacking toward the shore. “Sound quality improvement required” said USD international student Archit Jain. As if to quench our thirst, Andres would periodically fire a fog cannon down at the point where the sound begins to fade. The club appeared to consist of two different worlds: the Bassmnt dance floor, and a bar which Archit said included, “very engaging bartenders and amazing drinks.” No one could deny the energy present in the club, USD Senior Jackson Yeung described his experience of the show as “ecstatic, rapturous, and entertaining.” Luckily, Bassmnt security could contain it: telling people to climb down from every conceivable structure, ceasing the moshing pit, and herding the poor fallen drunks into the tank (a third world below heaven and earth).
Complementing the required attire, the service was very high class and respectful. The bathroom was beautiful and the kind concierges offered complimentary everything. Andres Fresko did not make a mistake in choosing which house to rock.