Christina Dorado | Jess and Gabriel | House of Blues San Diego | October 10, 2017

A crowd of adoring fans waited eagerly to watch the married couple from YouTube, Jess and Gabriel.  They provided their fans with covers, jokes, and personal interactions, putting their own twist on their first countrywide tour.  As Jess and Gabriel first walked onto the small, cozy stage, fans screamed their love for them with bright eyes and gigantic smiles.  Exerting nervousness and excitement, Jess and Gabriel talked to the audience as if they were familiar friends.  In a way, the “CONTEAM” is.  The two have individual YouTube accounts, as well as a popular joint account, in which they vlog their life weekly.  Through their YouTube videos, fans feel as if they are hanging out with the two stars.  

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Expressing humble appreciation, Jess and Gabriel based their entire concert on the concept of love.  They encouraged their listeners to spread the love and feel inspired through their cover of “Ever Be,” a Christian song originally performed by Kalley Heiligenthal.  They are always trying to give back to their fans, and one lucky girl was even able to perform “I Was Made For Loving You” with Jess and Gabriel on stage, creating an unforgettable moment.  The lovebirds made each interaction with fans special, and shared their positivity, humility, and love for each other with everyone.      


Tickets for ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER TOUR range from $20-$125.