Apple is influencing fashion



After watching a YouTube video of a guy doing the “bend test” on his brand new, bright and shiny iPhone 6 Plus, I was totally baffled on so many different levels.

He begins the video by showing the phone’s slight curve on the side after using it and keeping it in his pocket, then proceeds to apply force on it in such a manner that encourages even more bending until the phone loses its hard-fought battle, consequently resulting in a broken iPhone.

Compelling stuff. It almost makes me want to do the same to my phone. Oh wait, I meant that it absolutely does not.

The first thing that confused me about this video was the fact that this guy broke his phone in half. Dude, if you try to bend your phone in half, you are going to bend your phone in half. It is like making a video about discovering if you push hard enough, your finger will bend backwards.

What if I start running around applying the bend test to everything? The only thing I would end up with is bunch of broken things and a disappointed feeling in my heart.

Does the iPhone 5c or 5s pass the bend test? What about the Samsung Galaxy? Or an iPad? Or how about my laptop?
How can I have a laptop that does not even pass the bend test? I cannot even.

Second of all, what in the world were you thinking Apple? The aluminum case does give the phone its slim design, but apparently durability is the cost.

Did nobody think of trying out putting it in their pocket for a little bit? Maybe they were just so excited about it they just could not bring themselves to press the lock button and put it in their pockets.

Actually, I could see the executives at Apple being people who still use the old school belt clips, so that may be a factor. Maybe that is exactly what they are trying to do: Make a phone that bends in your pocket so you have to wear a belt clip. Genius.

Apple is single-handedly bringing back the belt clip. Bold move Apple, bold move. They knew people were going to buy the phone no matter what, so why not try to get a foot in the door in the fashion accessory world? It is the perfect plan.

Lastly, what is the point of this video? The first thing people will do when they see this video is not take out their new phone and do the same thing. Does this guy want a trophy from Apple or something for conducting such great research?

It would probably say, “Congratulations, you have outsmarted us. Here is a free belt clip.”