Artist Review: Witch Gardens and Handsome Furs

By Niko Pascua

Always looking for up and coming artists, USD Radio ventured to the hipster hills of Seattle and pulled some true artists out of the obscurity.

Witch Gardens' layered vocals create a truly unique sound

1. Witch Gardens – four uniquely styled individuals held together by their cohesive whimsy. Bursting with energy, their songs are both playful and clever. Each member exudes their own persona, and their layered vocals (all of them sing) are simply captivating, urging you to smile and dance. They are pretty small-time as of now, but they definitely have great potential. If you want a sample, “lifeguard” is a good representation of what you can expect from them.

Handsome Furs' enthusiastic live performance makes them a band to watch

2. Handsome Furs – sure knows how to put on a show. They are a Canadian duo composed of the fierce Alexei Perry and her husband Dan Boecker. They throw their full force into the music – consumed by the sound, they fell to the ground after every number during a recent show, breathless and disheveled. The fresh beats, the electricity, the look on Alexei’s face as she feels the noise – like a bucket of ice cold water was poured down her back – all of it is simply intoxicating. Both of these bands are great live, but Handsome Furs produces some superb recordings. “Cannot Get Started” is the best representation of their sound. Check them out.