Artists’ Corner: Colleen Buffington

By Maya Arrieta


Each week The Vista aims to showcase student artists. Senior Colleen Buffington is passionate about drawing and photography, both of which she has been doing since a young age.

TV: Although you are a biology major, you obviously have an interest in art—Do you see yourself using these two passions together in the future?

CB: Upon entering college, I was convinced that I would ultimately end up in a health-related field. Through my studies of biology, I have come to see the magnificence of the human body and am currently pursuing physical therapy post-graduation. I think this relates to art because the body is a perfect example of shapes and lines coming together in a composition.

TV: Are there any artists or photographers that you idolize or look up to? Or any that have had an influence on your work?

CB: I’m a big fan of Eugene Atget, who was well known for street photography. His work has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and take pictures of everyday life.

TV: What is your favorite kind of art to do?

CB: I have always enjoyed both drawing and painting but recently I’ve become more interested in photography.

TV: When did you begin creating artwork?

CB: I first started doing art at a very young age, because my dad and extended family always had an interest in it. I’ve been taking art classes for as long as I can remember.

TV: Where do you draw inspiration?

CB: My great-grandfather was a very talented painter, and I grew up seeing his paintings around our house. Though I never met him, I attribute my skills to his side of the family.

TV: Is there anything in particular that you most like to draw or photograph?

CB: Last semester at USD, I took a figure drawing course and found I enjoyed drawing the human figure more than I would have thought. It also merged quite nicely with my science background. As for photography, I tend to photograph the small details in life and absolutely loved capturing life in Paris this summer. I took the digital photography course in Paris and enjoyed frolicking in the streets with my friends with my camera in hand.