AS kicks off its Get on the Grass Initiative

By Gwyneth Shoecraft

Students next to the Plaza de San Diego enjoy Associated Students’ new Get on the Grass initiative.

Students next to the Plaza de San Diego enjoy Associated Students’ new Get on the Grass initiative.

Students looking to enjoy last week’s beautiful weather and blow off some first week of classes steam were excited to find frisbees, cornhole and volleyball games set up around campus. Provided by Associated Students, the games are part of AS’s Get on the Grass initiative. According to AS, the initiative hopes to spark additional school spirit while creating a greater sense of community at USD.

AS teamed with Campus Recreation and Outdoor Adventures to provide the games to students. According to AS, the two organizations have set up bins around campus where students can grab a frisbee and start playing between classes. Students can also check out larger games, like bocce ball and ladder ball at the UC information desk.
AS President Dom Pera believes AS’s investment in these games will be worth the money spent.

“Through purchasing these goods, our hope is that students capitalize on the opportunities we’ve given them to truly make campus look different,” Pera said.

Pera also noted that the grassy areas of campus are used for more than play. Many students relax on the grass, using the green space to picnic and study between classes. In another effort to promote these activities, AS will be giving away beach towels to make students’ sitting time more comfortable.

Pera said he hopes the initiative starts a new trend of outdoor fun at USD.

“We are so lucky at USD to have such a beautiful campus and amazing weather throughout the year, so it’s absurd to think that in the past we didn’t utilize the spaces we have in order to have fun,” Pera said.

Pera said he hopes the Get on the Grass initiative will instill a sense of pride for USD’s beautiful campus.

“Wouldn’t it be great to see something going on outside every day?” Pera said. “This can really help students to meet each other as well, hopefully connecting students to each other and helping to create a more inclusive campus environment.”