AS President promotes Torero spirit through passionate leadership

By Brittany Carava

He may be one of the busiest Toreros on campus. Alex Hermann is involved in many organizations including Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, PRIDE and Associated Students, just to name a few. When he’s not focusing on academics, he dedicates his time serving AS as the new president.

Elected last spring, Hermann says his biggest motivation for running for president was the tight knit community he had found in USD’s student government, “I’ve found a home in AS since my sophomore year because the people involved with AS are as equally passionate about creating change, engaging with students and bettering USD as I am.”

From weekly group meetings to individual executive board member meetings, Hermann’s schedule is dedicated to the betterment of the University. He believes that the most rewarding part of his role as President of AS is, being able to work with students. “I thrive in an environment where I get to make new friends, work with other student leaders and engage the community” Hermann said. “I’m also very fortunate to have a great team this year, which makes the work even more enjoyable.”

Looking forward to this coming year, Hermann and the other members of AS are working hard to plan exciting events to promote student unity and the causes they care about. Hermann says the new AS team is directing their attention on, “going back to our roots and focusing on the reason why student government exists, which is to activate the student voice.”

Listening to the student voice, an issue that many students are concerned about on campus as of lately, is campus unity and school spirit. “I believe we have a lot of community at USD,” Hermann says, “There are numerous outlets where students can find that sense of belonging that we all search for when entering into college. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in uniformity so we oftentimes forget about the unity that comes with the expression of individuality and uniqueness.”

Increased efforts of school spirit including USD Cheerleading and New Beginnings Alliance are helping to cultivate a more unified, supportive campus.

A senior graduating this Spring 2014, Alex Hermann is leaving behind a legacy of service and commitment to USD.

“This university has given me so much experience and opportunity over the last couple of years,” Hermann says, “I feel obligated, as a student leader, to enable future students to strive to engage in even more fulfilling experiences.”