Associated Students: Milkman & Sean Kingston


Local San Diegan and DJ phenomenon, Milkman, provided one of the best concerts that the University of San Diego has witnessed in its 50 year history. The throng of students who arrived for his set were moving back and forth with their hands up in the air throughout the entire time. A group of girls were actually able to get up on stage with Milkman in the middle of one of his sets. Although he was penciled in as the opening act for Sean Kingston, Milkman’s show was full of energy and excitement, something that Sean Kingston couldn’t match with his pedigree.


The headliner of the night belonged to Sean Kingston. His presence alone brought together more than 1,000 students in front of the University Center (UC). Even though he was supposed to perform at 8, many students were more than willing to wait for an enternity. However, it seemed to me that Sean Kingston wasn’t putting his utmost effort into his concert, a factor that could be contributed to a time constraint because of his scheduled 10pm concert at the San Diego Sports Arena. Although some students were disappointed to see that he was lip syncing on several of his songs, the majority of the student body were nonetheless enjoying themselves to “Fire Burning” and “Beautiful Girls”.