Atlas Genius set to perform new music at House of Blues

by Tayler Reviere Verninas | Arts & Culture Editor

As the fall semester kicks off for San Diego students, so does Atlas Genius’ new album, Inanimate Objects, which was recently released on August 28th.  

Best known for their hit singles “Trojans” and “If So”, the alternative rock band from Australia just completed only its second ever full length album.  Keith and Michael Jeffery, brothers and founders of Atlas Genius, have been touring for the last three months and could not be more excited about the release of their newest album.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Keith Jeffery, described his indelible excitement for the band’s fresh tracks.

 “It is what I imagine giving birth to a child feels like,” Jeffery said.  “We are approaching an end of an emotional rollercoaster.  This album took well over a year to create; we did not rush it, but took our sweet time.”

Keith Jeffery’s favorite track changes from day-to-day depending on the mood he is in, but Jeffery reflects on writing his first slow song, named “Balladino”, which appears on the new album.  

“It was very satisfying hearing it in it’s completed state,” Jeffery said. “Another song, ‘Friends With Enemies’, is an intimate track. There is one moment in which the music fades away, and it is just my voice.  It’s a bold move in comparison to other parts of the album.”

Keith’s expectations for the band’s new album is for everyone to hear it and figure out what they love or don’t love about the music.

“It is a unique album in which we managed to pull influences together from various 80s bands,” Jeffery said. “Growing up, I have always been into different tastes in music. When it comes to creating music, the challenge is to channel that into something that works in order to create a song that represents what you are.”

In an industry in which a lot of people claim to be experts, Jeffery admits it is hard when people are constantly talking in his ear trying to influence the band’s music.

“The massive noise can make it hard to navigate a career,” Jeffery said.  “But if it feels right to you, there is a damn good chance, it is the right thing to be doing.”

Atlas Genius is no set of strangers to the San Diego crowd and will perform at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego on Wednesday, September 2nd. 

“We were actually there a few months ago,” Jeffery said.  “The San Diego crowd has always been great and very passionate.”

Keith is thrilled to perform with new band members, including lead guitarist and keyboard player, Matt Fazzi.  

“He has the most amazing hair flick that he does throughout the show that alone is worthy of seeing,” Jeffery said. “People will enjoy the head of hair.”

So before classes start, Toreros should take some time to listen to Atlas Genius’ new album titled Inanimate Objects. And if students are looking for a way to celebrate or take their mind off of the first day of classes, they should enjoy what promises to be a performance like no other on Wednesday night at the House of Blues.