“Logos” Atlas Sound Album Review


Bradford Cox is a genius. For many, these words only reassure previous opinions. For those unfamiliar with Cox’s background, he can be most notably attributed to the indie group Deerhunter who produced some of the greatest songs (and albums – Microcastle shout out!) we’ve seen in a long time. Now creating music under Atlas Sound, Cox brings many elements from his days with Deerhunter into the jingling, moaning, melodic tunes of his second full-length album Logos. Although a bare version of the album was posted by Cox on his music weblog, he brought the album back in 2009 with more expansive sounds than before and with the addition of a couple other great musicians to top-off the album.

The standout track on Logos would have to be “Walkabout” which features Noah Lennox of Animal Collective/Panda Bear. A shimmering, cheerful tune for either Cox or Lennox, the track floats on a simple keyboard sample that dwindles in the past but exists just as surely in the here-and-now. Not surprisingly the song sounds a lot like something you would expect from Panda Bear, which isn’t a bad thing at all, especially when you take into account Cox’s admiration for all things Panda Bear.

“I admit jealousy. When I heard this record I was actually annoyed at how perfect it was. Then I realized it was not the sound of doors closing I was hearing, but door opening. Poetic.”

The tracks that follow are less engaging, slower and mellower. Not bad, no not bad at all…just not as good as “Walkabout”. Songs like “The Light That Failed” and “Kid Klimax” fill the gaps and will create a full body sensation, as most of Bradford Cox’s music will. “Sheila”, the albums sixth track is the closest it gets to topping “Walkabout”. “Sheila” is more of a pop song than most of the album and relies on its wonderful chorus to tie everything together. Using Cox’s signature simple acoustic guitar and shakers work wonders with Cox’s voice. Sample some of Bradford’s triumphant glory from Logos below.

Walkabout (w_Noah Lennox)

“Walkabout” (ft. Noah Lennox)