Barrio Logan Art Crawl

Local San Diego artists display their art at the monthly art walk

The thud of speakers being blown to their limits with swanky music and the lull of voices chatting and laughing gives way to a familiar scene for those in the Barrio Logan artist community. It is the Barrio Logan Art Crawl — a night where galleries line the streets of the famous Chicano neighborhood opening their doors to the public to showcase their work. It is an intimate way to get to know some of the people who make the Barrio Logan community unique.

The Barrio Logan Art Crawl is a self-guided tour that happens every second Saturday of the month from 3-10 p.m. With plenty of studios down the street, from Cafe Moto to La Bodega Gallery, the street is filled with art fanatics. The galleries often include complimentary drinks and snacks, as well as appearances from the artists and oftentimes live music, too. Vendors line up on the sidewalk and sell various food such as street tacos and hot dogs.

The most recent art walk took place on Saturday Feb. 10. It was senior Nour Suleiman’s first time at the art walk. She joined the crowd with a few friends for a different kind of night out.

“Each space was really unique and the atmosphere was so fun and welcoming,” Suleiman said. “My favorite part was meeting the artists and the people who owned the spaces. They were all so passionate about the work they do and it makes it that much more enjoyable.”

Suleiman heard about the art walk from a friend and also from previously visiting the area.

“My experience was unlike most art events I’ve been to,” Suleiman said. “Each venue felt like a unique sort of party with its own style, and for anybody who chooses to go in the future I would recommend trying to get to know the artists and the intentions behind their work.”

The studio where the art was shown known as Hayes Burger exists as a burger and fry joint during the day and a studio decorated with art during the night. The featured artist, Itamar Lilienthal, is a local artist who has featured his artwork at previous art walks in Barrio Logan. Lilienthal said that Barrio Logan is one of his favorite spots to feature his art.

“The easy answer is because my best friend has a spot here and it’s the coolest part of San Diego,” said Lilienthal. “The longer answer is being Mexican and growing up in San Diego, Barrio Logan is the most happening spot that is cultivating culture in a groovy, inclusive way.”

His art ranges from a “Mexican Express” credit card print, a canvas of a man smoking next to a dragon pet, inflatable furniture, among others.

The Barrio Art Crawl is open for all, and The Urbanist website has a complete list of upcoming art walks. If you are looking for an intimate experience Barrio Logan is the perfect place. From exploring new art to interacting with local artists, the art walk has much to offer, and one might even end up leaving with a piece of art for their own keepsake.

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