Being sick at school



During my time at college I have learned something about being sick: It is way better when you are at home.

Coming to college and enjoying all of the new freedoms it has to offer is quite the new experience. You get to live with other students your age away from parental supervision; it is almost like a dream come true.

It seems perfect, almost too perfect. But wait; once you get all cozy in your new free life you start to feel sick. Uh oh. This new freedom suddenly takes a step backwards.

Living on my own with no parental supervision is something that is put into perspective every time I get sick, and it always happens around the same time each year.

Never have I missed home more than when I am sick. Maybe that is how the term “homesick” was coined. Someone realized how much worse being sick while at school was and wanted to go home while they were sick. It makes perfect sense.

This whole time I have thought homesick meant just being sick for home, not wanting to be sick at home. I think that is a definite upside to going to school close to home.

If I were sick and lived a drivable distance away from home, I would definitely go, especially if it was a weekend. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Instead of your parents taking care of you, making you soup and giving you whatever you need, you are expected to fend for yourself, all the while staying up to date with your classes and whatever other responsibilities you may have.

It is a big task, but also one that can be taken on. Drinking tons of orange juice and going to bed early is how I try to deal with it, but the latter is easier said than done, especially with roommates and homework.

Feeling sick is bad, and dealing with it at school is even worse. But that is the price you pay to be an adult. You have to be able to take care of yourself when you are sick from time to time.

Sounds like a steep price, but I will have to make do. My parents are coming this weekend for Homecoming and Parents Weekend, so I will be sure to eat my fruits and veggies this week.

If not, my mom is going to try constantly feeding me the entire time she is here, which I guess is not a completely bad thing, food is great.

After being sick for the first time at school, I had no idea what hit me. The times I have been sick since then I have tried to be as proactive as possible with taking care of myself, but nothing beats being sick at home.