Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle run the world: The critically acclaileased this winter

By Erin Fogerty

After receiving an overwhelming amount of criticism for lip-syncing the national anthem at President Obama’s Inauguration, the pressure was on for Beyonce Knowles to deliver during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Celebrities and fans took to Facebook and Twitter following the Inauguration to either question, attack or support the lip-synced performance. Beyonce did not confirm or deny the lip-syncing rumors. Instead, during an ESPN press conference for her upcoming Super Bowl performance, she handled the issue in true rock star fashion. Beyonce stepped up to the podium, adjusted the microphone and gave a stirring, a capella version of the National Anthem that silenced any skeptic in the room. Beyonce not only proved that she could sing the anthem live, but that she could sing it well. After hitting her last note, she flashed a smile to all of the reporters and asked, “Any Questions?”

If Beyonce’s impromptu press conference performance was not enough to silence haters, her halftime performance most certainly. Beyonce performed a medley of some of her biggest hits including “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time,” “Baby Boy” and “Halo.” There was smoke, fireworks and mandatory booty shaking. Beyonce strutted across the stage in a leather leotard, knee socks and boots.

The new mom displayed her athleticism by not missing a single beat or note in the high-energy, dance-filled routine. About seven minutes into the performance, the beat of Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” began to boom throughout the stadium. Every girl in America’s mouth dropped as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were shot up from below the stage.

Senior Mary Gaule said that the surprise Destiny’s Child reunion was the highlight of her Super Bowl.

“All the boys at our Super Bowl party spent halftime making more bets or grabbing beer, while all of the girls had their faces glued to the screen. When Kelly and Michelle joined Beyonce on stage, I’m pretty sure we screamed louder than the boys did when the Raven’s scored their first touchdown.”

The three women performed “Bootylicious,” “Independent Women” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

This Super Bowl reunion marked the first time Destiny’s Child had performed together since 2006. The trio wowed the audience while dancing their hearts out. Kelly and Michelle left the stage to let Beyonce finish her thirteen-minute set with her hit “Halo.”

After blowing away over 104 million viewers, Beyonce announced the launch of her next world tour on her official website late Sunday night. This tour, named “The Mrs. Carter Show” World Tour, will be the first world tour for Beyonce since 2009. Tickets went on sale Monday Feb. 11.

Although Kelly and Michelle will not be joining Beyonce on tour, Destiny’s Child fans have hope for more reunion performances. Destiny’s Child is releasing “Love Songs,” a greatest-hits CD later this week that will also feature a new song called “Nuclear.”

“Nuclear” is the first new recording by Destiny’s Child in over eight years. Will some cities on Beyonce’s tour be lucky enough to see Kelly and Michelle pop up on stage again?

In addition to her world tour, Beyonce’s documentary ‘Life is But A Dream’ will premiere on HBO Feb. 16. The trailer for the documentary shows personal home videos of Beyonce’s pregnancy, moments with husband Jay-Z and backstage and rehearsal footage. Beyonce directed and produced this intimate documentary film, which will provide fans a rare peek inside her very private life.

So far, 2013 looks like a promising year for Beyonce whose career seems to repeatedly reach new highs.