Beyond Conception

2008 Finance and Accounting alum Clint Armstrong is a member of the band beyond conception.
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After casually forming as an all-American teenage garage band, the members of beyond conception have spent the following years embedding themselves on the Orange County music scene. Their individually unique musical backgrounds unite in a product that artfully embraces a dichotomy of classic and modern rock influences. Blake Kennedy’s raw, bluesy guitar riffs and Matt Abrams’ rich, dramatic bass lines are driven by Clint Armstrong’s crisp, jazz-bred drumming that carries the punk ego that defines Southern California. The quartet is lead by Justin Abrams, with a voice comparable to Freddy Mercury. His key-work integrates with the band to culminate in a dynamic sound unique to itself, much in the vein of Queen and Foo Fighters.

Preparing for the release of its third album, Beyond Conception has developed a diverse fan-base by selling over 10,000 records independently and playing throughout venues such as The Coach House, The Knitting Factory, and Chain Reaction. Through its evolution, the band has opened for such acts as Marcy’s Playground, NOFX, and Hellogoodbye, while establishing itself as a mainstay at the Huntington Beach Surf City Nights. With its success on the indie scene, Beyond Conception strives to break the new album into the mainstream and expose its music to as many listeners as possible.

Formed in 2003, Beyond Conception’s first meeting occurred when Clint brought a borrowed drum set to Justin’s house for a jam session and Justin’s younger brother, Matt, joined them. Having studied classical piano since his childhood, Justin had already been working with artists like Drake Bell. After studying guitar reading and music theory at the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles, Blake became the obvious choice when the guitarist position became available in 2005. He brings gritty, blues-inspired riffs that compliment the modern drive that defines Beyond Conception.

Having come of age together while attending the same high school, the perennial relationship of Beyond Conception’s members has propelled the band to achieve its success while offering inspiration for future endeavors. The Band’s stage presence boasts the depth of its members’ communication through fluid instrumental jams, punctuated by Justin’s natural gift for working a crowd. Keeping with the momentum of its previous projects, Beyond Conception is anxiously anticipating its renaissance through the release of the new album.

“Stix & Stones” 01 Track 1(320Kbps)
“Shoe Shiner” 02 Track 2(320Kbps)
“Miles ***” 03 Track 3(320Kbps)