Bi-national march is first Rally at the Border

Saturday, March 25, marks the first ever Rally at the Border, a grassroots movement that encourages citizens to build a bridge of unity to break down any wall that may divide citizens from one another. The We Are One Foundation will be hosting the event at Larsen Field on the U.S.-Mexico Border in San Ysidro, Calif.

The We Are One Foundation’s focus is on developing the next generation on understanding the qualities of being a good human. According to their website, the mission of the foundation is to engage citizens’ participation at these movements that have the capability of evoking change within communities and on governmental policies.

Photo courtesy of Natasha Salgado | Members of the We Are One Foundation board present signs that they will use during the Rally at the Border, March 25.

University of San Diego sophomore Natasha Salgado, the student director for the We Are One Foundation, explained the goals for coordinating the Rally at the Border.

“As a member, I really want to learn about the logistics of how you can create a changemaking event and how to bring it back to an organization in order to change the way people see different issues,” Salgado said. “I feel so strongly about the We Are One Foundation’s message about human dignity that we all deserve the same admiration, love, and respect. I want to bring this message back to USD and have students be right in the spotlight. Hopefully it will be a great way for USD to initiate something different.”

The theme of the march is to stand in unity and solidarity with one another to reinforce the common bonds of humanity. The event, Rally at the Border, will feature a variety of internationally known humanitarians, activists, artists, and speakers, along with political leaders and affected immigrant families.   

Salgado stated in further detail the purpose of this bi-national rally.

“We are trying to push for the fact that every person deserves the same amount of love and respect and dignity,” Salgado said. “The entire event is a learning process; it is being able to understand and push back ignorance in a way. It is being open to the cultural diversity that we share across the country.”

Sophomore Stephen Jordan will be rallying on the other side of the border with those participating on behalf of the We Are One Foundation in Mexico.

“When I went to Tijuana for spring break this year for TJSB, I fell in love with the people,” Jordan said. “I’m rallying all the troops to come to the wall and also all of the people in Casa de Imigrantes. I hope to continue my relationships with these people. I want them to know that the people of USD are not represented by a couple of people in power.”

Salgado stated that the rally is from 3 to 6 p.m. will include talks from various speakers, and the march to the border will begin at 6 p.m. from Larsen’s Field.

“At that exact same time, the rally being initiated on the other side of the border and our side will go together and march right next to each other,” Salgado said. “Sister rallies are taking place in Washington D.C., Texas, and Arizona all day.”

Prior to the rally and march, the We Are One Foundation will be hosting a forum from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Theatre on March 24.

“We are hosting a forum to focus on the younger generation of students, especially with the political climate, to provide a space for them to have an open discussion where they can interact with the speakers,” Salgado said. “We are trying to welcome USD students, faculty, and members outside of the community to have an opportunity for interaction. We want to spark the message that although we come from different sides of the social and political spectrum, we still fall under the we are one board.”

Jordan expressed his hopes for this upcoming event.

“The We Are One Foundation is all about coming together and uniting as one,” Jordan said. “As a white, privileged male, I want to walk alongside these people and empower them to speak and fight for their rights. If you want to change the system, you [need] to know the system.”