“Bodacious Grandmas”

koala eating leaf

Hey this is DJ Constable Cornelius and you have stumbled upon my very first show, which is most likely better than your dad’s first show. Anyways I dropped some rocking tunes on your face tonight just for your enjoyment. Got a few dedications, and a few clarifying segments. Hope you all enjoy the first show. More shows will be coming every Wednesday from now on! Tune in and enjoy. Thanks for checking it out. Keep it funky fresh.

Bodacious Grandmas

Little Baby Pines- Sunbears!
Got Love To Kill- (MSTRKRFT remix)- Juliette and the Licks
Love is A Number- White Rose Movement
Invisible Touch- Genesis
As Far As the Eye Can See- Radio 4
Nantes- Beirut
The Twist- Frightened Rabbit
Low Mode- Goose
It’s A Fact (Printed Stained)-Matt and Kim
Hey- Pixies
DLZ- TV on the Radio

Proud To Be An American,

DJ Constable Cornelius Thunderdome

ps the USD admins took down my signs that I put up around campus. It would have been sweet,m believe me. Next week there will be some signs up that meet regulation. Apparently student voice and creative advertising are restricted at this University.