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For fans of alternative music that want just a little bit more dance in their lives, a two man group from Denver, Col. have arrived in time to fulfill your cravings. Breathe Carolina has worked to create techno style music with a solid dose of catchy guitar riffs and punchy vocals. These elements work to blend genres together and incorporate fans from different areas. The resulting music has kept the band growing a steady fan base since they began in 2007. This is partially due to the fact that the band has spent much of this time touring across the country, participating in Warped Tour and playing festivals such as Bamboozle. Yet this band comes from very humble beginnings.

The band started as David Schmitt began playing with his friend’s new Mac and stumbled upon GarageBand. He played around for a bit and soon asked Kyle Even to collaborate with him. After playing numerous instruments his entire life, the project soon became Even’s first opportunity to add vocals. The duo self produced their first works and put their songs on MySpace. In 2008, the band had over 10 thousand plays on MySpace but in 2009, plays jumped up to over nine million.
In July of this last year, Breathe Carolina came out with their newest album titled “Hello Fascination.” Overall, the album builds upon the success seen in earlier work to recreate the fusion of electronica and aggressive rock seen before.

The marketing behind the album has also been quite strong, with a definite attempt seen to expose the band to as many people as possible. Even tells me that the band’s manager worked to have their music be included as promo music in the commercials for “The Jay Leno Show.” As the band made the switch to Fearless Records, the new label worked to release “The Dressing Room” as a playable song in the iPhone and iPod Touch game “Tap Tap Revenge.”  For those of you who must know, the band did admit to playing the game.

Overall, it seems as though the band will continue to ride the success of their most recent release into the New Year. They’ve just embarked on a national tour and will return to San Diego on June 24 as part of the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. This show will kick off the  tour and the band will play every date across the country.

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