Cat cafe to come to San Diego

Coffee and cats collide for a new exciting eatery


There is no doubt that cats are a trending topic. The Internet is filled with videos, memes, pictures, and websites all about cats. The Chive website has created a “Cat Saturday,” Instagram is exploding with cat accounts and some cats like Grumpy Cat, even have their own brand. Clothing stores like Urban Outfitters have also caught onto the trend and are selling sweatshirts, t-shirts and tank tops with cat images on them. Since cats are proving to be such a popular topic right now, why not pair them with another popular commodity, coffee.

In order to satisfy this need for both cats and coffee, the city of San Diego is planning to open a cat cafe. You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a cat cafe? It is similar to a coffee house or Internet cafe, but add eight cats roaming the shop while you relax. These cats are available to be pet, played with or simply observed. And to add to the fun, each cat in the shop is available for adoption. Local shelters will supply mild mannered cats that visitors can take home with them that day.

These shops first originated in Taiwan in 1998. They quickly became popular as people enjoyed interacting with furry animals, and the concept was soon adopted by Japan in 2004. Since that point, cat cafes have continued to expand throughout the world. North America is the newest addition to the cat cafe phenomenon.

With the introduction of the cat cafe, it is easy to wonder when we will come across one here in San Diego. However, the date has yet to be determined.

What is known is the location, which will be in the Marina district. The menu will include coffee, sodas, water, pastries and other things you would find in a typical coffee shop. However, there will be no specialty drinks, and all food will be prepackaged, due to health precautions. Sophomore student, Katherine Hamilton, heard about the new cafe and fully supports it coming to San Diego.

“I think it’s a great idea. I like cats so I will definitely try it out when it opens. If they had kittens in there then I would go all the time!”

But even if you are not really a cat person like Hamilton, you can still stop by for a cup of coffee or pastry and take it to go.

So get excited for the new addition to beautiful San Diego and support the cats.