Conquering the job search

Go to college and you will get a better job. That’s the promise that inspires young high school students to spend four years and thousands of dollars on a bachelor’s degree. The knowledge and experience that you gain in the semi-independent years after high school are undeniably valuable, but no […]

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Mission Beach: USD’s second home

For decades, many students at the University of San Diego have called Mission Beach home. These students, usually upperclassmen, choose to move to the beach with their friends and share a house together just steps from the ocean. Before 2015, students at USD were only required to live on campus […]

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The growing cost of festival season

When the Facebook notifications start rolling in announcing shuttle passes and Weekend 1 tickets for sale, you know it can only mean one thing: festival season. Given our relatively close proximity to Indio, Calif., many students at the University of San Diego decide to dole out the big bucks to […]

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