Remember me

By Nick Dilonardo OPINION EDITOR In Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, he wrote of the importance of being aware of the difference between one’s private and public selves. For Franklin, this translated into the identity he held as a writer – under pen-names, at times – that he maintained working for New […]

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The meaning isn’t the message

By Nick Dilonardo OPINION EDITOR Last Saturday night, I overheard two guys arguing over the difference between a ‘punk’ and a ‘jerk.’ They eventually laughed. It was interesting. Even at Pacific Shores in Ocean Beach, there is no escape from the discussion of meaning. We tend to use some words […]

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Time traveling

By Kevin Crespo ASST. OPINION EDITOR It’s 1:59 a.m. on a late Saturday night or a this-feels-earlier-than-the-first-round-of-midterms Sunday morning if you prefer. Everyone in San Diego is about to defy the laws of modern physics and discard countless of Newton’s Laws and Schrodinger’s Theories. We’re all about to travel into […]

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