Chance the Rapper, Magnificent Coloring World Tour September 15, 2016 at CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Thousands of people gathered in the CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre Thursday night to help kick-off Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring World Tour.

Francis and the Lights started with most people in the audience not knowing he was there to open. Several lighting issues stalled the show and at one point the singer yelled from the stage to turn off the lights. More people danced to the music the venue played in between the performers than any of the songs in this opening set. Despite the lack of crowd enthusiasm, the solo act’s excitement did not waiver, and by the end of his set I felt appreciation for the persistence of his energy.

The red curtain hiding the stage drops, the track for “Angels” starts, and every person in the audience, myself included, leaps to their feet. Chance The Rapper runs out on stage and never lets down throughout the show. His set includes a mix of songs going as far back as 10 Day, throwing in some of the hits of Acid Rap and every song from Coloring Book.

The show follows a storyline that mirrors events in the rapper’s life: someone who loses himself in addictions and has to find his way back to his roots and his faith. This story is told not only through the music, but also through the involvement of creatures in costume as guides and background vocals. Throughout the show Chance The Rapper’s fans chant, jump, dance and sing and we just couldn’t help ourselves. A lot of his lyrics resonate with me and it is amazing to be in a crowd of people who feel the same.

Suddenly it is the end of the show and amidst giant blasts of colorful confetti, Chance The Rapper brings out the rest of the members of The Social Experiment and they stand looking out at the successful first night of The Magnificent Coloring World Tour.


Written by Radio staff writer, Bria Higginbotham