Charity for military families in need


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There is a new charity that will be aiding military families that are in need and helping them to reconstruct their homes.

This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest creations this year. The fact that there is a charity to help those that have served our country live a better life is amazing. Veterans of any branch of the military deserve this and so much more.

The charity, Operation: Renovation, is from San Marcos and was created by REIG, which stands for: “Revitalizing communities, [conducting] every aspect of our business through Elevating Expectations, putting Integrity first, and showing Gratitude always.”

REIG partnered with Wounded Warrior Homes and other sponsors to help get their charity off the ground.
Sophomore Brendan Sullivan identifies with this type of military aid because his father is retiring from the Navy this year, and his attendance at University of San Diego is partially due to military benefits.

“A good part of my tuition is paid for by the 9/11 veteran’s benefits program.” Sullivan said. “I have a lot of respect for military personnel.Any family that has sacrificed, and given a part of their life to the service deserves full respect from their fellow citizens.The sacrifice to be in the military goes beyond the surface. It affects not only the person, but the family as well.”

According to REIG, Operation: Renovation is intended to celebrate, honor, and change the life of one local military family in need through passionate and purposed home renovation.

To do this, REIG formed a selection committee made up of active-duty and former Navy and Marine Corps personnel and executives from Wounded Warrior Homes to select candidates from the 58 applications they received.

Barry and Cheryl Barton were the chosen candidates, and I think they were perfect because REIG went above expectations and went over their original budget to make the Barton’s home safe for their child. I think that REIG selecting this family shows that they really care.

Not only did REIG re-create the Barton’s home, they made it more accessible for all the equipment that needs to be moved around the house due to their son, Christopher’s, special needs.

The Barton’s son has congenital cytomegalovirus, and the disease has left him blind and deaf.
Although REIG’s Operation: Renovation has only done one renovation so far, it is hoped that they will do more in the following years. I know that I look forward to seeing what else they accomplish and how many other families they help.