Chromeo Does It Night by Night

This Monday, Chromeo will bring their electro-funk to the House of Blues. It has been awhile since the guys have performed in San Diego and during that time many things have happened to the group.

For those unfamiliar with the group, Chromeo rose to popularity in 2004 with their debut album She’s in Control. Extensive touring and spots on the festival circuit landed the guys with even more success and acclaim. In 2007, Chromeo released Fancy Footwork, which spawned three singles and was followed by numerous tours.

On September 14th, Chromeo will release Business Casual, an album guaranteed to get you on your feet and dance. Early listeners has reported that this album keeps the ‘80s synth feel while adding a bit more of a disco feel and some electric guitar work. It’s said to be catchy, with some songs having more of a Hot Chip vibe. One song, “When the Night Falls,” will feature guest vocals from Solange Knowles.

My interview with Dave left me with a few points that every Chromeo fan and soon to be convert should know.

In The Beginning…

When Dave and Patrick first came together, the two were in high school. Dave joined Patrick’s band and the two hated each other at first. They later worked out their differences and began to explore new music together, leading them toward the sound they have today. Growing up, the guys saw the electronic influence of everything from some notable figures. Dave’s brother is famed DJ A-Trak who, beyond a successful solo career, serves as the DJ for Kanye West. Chromeo first signed to the label of their friend Tiga.

Dave is a busy guy…

For the last few years, Dave has been pursuing a PhD in French literature from Columbia University. He has kept up with his studies by finding a balance of music and academics. He’ll study on airplanes and will settle for no compromise in either regard.

Chromeo has become great friends with Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates…

The guys all met up to record an episode of Live from Darryl’s house. For Dave and Patrick, this was an amazing experience as Hall & Oates are some of their biggest musical influences. Dave said that they wrote Momma’s Boy, trying to sound like a Hall & Oates song. Chromeo met up with Darryl to perform a set last month at Bonnaroo. The set went so well that Dave said they’re trying to put a few more shows together. They’ve even looked at the idea of doing some studio work.

Make sure to check out Chromeo this Monday at House of Blues where I guarantee you’ll have a great time. Check out the following links to pre-order the new album or grab tickets for the show:

Chromeo on iTunes: