College friendships might come and go


Since the end of the school year seems to come faster with every passing day, I cannot help but be nostalgic and appreciative of all the fond memories I have made thus far.

Nor can I help but think of how much more dynamic my friendships in college are compared to high school. Of course, my two best friends from back home will always be my best friends forever.

However, the best friend title that I give to the special few I consider to be my best friends in college implies a more dynamic connotation of the word. My definition of a best friend is someone who sees the positive and negative aspects of yourself, yet still appreciates all of it. A best friend supports you, helps you understand more than one perspective, calls you out on your actions when they are not aligned with your values, and apologizes when they know they have said or done something wrong toward you. The genuine best friends are the ones who help you become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

College has challenged what I think I know, in order to understand what and why others think the way they do. The beauty of college friendships is that while we are discovering who we are through our interactions with others, they too are recognizing the kind of individual they are becoming or want to become.

However, college does come to an end and there will come a point in which all of the friends we surround ourselves with right now will no longer be in the same proximity to casually hang out or go on adventures with. But just because we graduate from college, getting our diploma does not mean we will leave behind our closest friends.

It is difficult to come to the realization that not all of these extraordinary people we are with right now will be with us every day after these four years are over. Although some friends come and go, there is a reason why certain individuals come into our lives for a day, a month, or many years.

So let’s cherish these wonderful people who have enhanced our collegiate experience and continue to keep challenging them, as well as ourselves, to being the beautiful individuals we are created to be. Let us be in the present moment of friendship and know that these are the people who in some shape or form have changed our lives for the better.