Concert Review: Echosmith

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By: Nikki Eldred
Soma Sidestage

As London based indie-rock/scream band For The Foxes left the stage on Saturday night, the venue was anything but calm. Although only the second of four bands to play that night at Soma, the crowd could not contain its excitement for next-up indie-pop group Echosmith, who is nearing the end of their tour with Tonight Alive and The Downtown Fiction. The quirky lead singer, Sam Sierota, bounced onto the stage and immediately began to chat with various fans, answering questions and asking how everyone was. The entire band of Sierota siblings quickly took the stage, and we were off to a night of great music.


Echosmith began their set with a popular hit off their debut album, entitled “Come Together.” The crowd indeed came together, singing along and dancing as turquoise and magenta lights shone brilliantly across the stage and the band played loudly and fluidly. The venue was perfect for the show, as the black box-like room amplified Sam’s smooth voice and her brothers’ melodic guitar and drum skills. They continued their set with “Tell Her You Love You Her,” stating that the song was dedicated to anyone who had ever loved. The room began to simmer down and sway, as the catchy love song seemed to hit a soft spot in the heart of every fan. Echosmith could only perform a few more numbers, due to their short allotted amount of time on stage. However, each song was so relatable and upbeat that it was easy to enjoy ones not known as well. The band engaged the crowd through the entire set, having them clap or jump or shout the chorus, and at the end they even had everyone squeeze together and throw their arms in the air to take a picture of the ecstatic crowd.


Although an incredibly short show, Echosmith by far outdid themselves by bringing energy, incredible music, and true passion to Soma. I have never seen a band so eager to take the stage or meet their fans, and in many ways it was humbling to see growing performers truly express their love for their job. If you missed Echosmith at Soma Sideshow last weekend, you can catch them on December 22 in Anaheim with New Beat Fund, Never Shout Never, and Front Porch Step, ready to wow the crowd and critics yet again.