Concert Review: Echosmith

Taken by Kirsten Parris

Taken by Kirsten Parris

Alexa McGee


House of Blues, San Diego, CA

2 October 2014


The best part about a new tour is new energy. And that’s what myself and the other fans, saw on Thursday night. Echosmith, a young, Los Angeles-based indie pop band ran onto the stage at the House of Blues with a fire that I haven’t seen in a long time. They kicked off the night with “Come Together,” which is the first track off their first full debut album titled Talking Dreams. Lead singer, Sydney Sierota, set the tone for the rest of the night with her strong, yet still delicate vocals, while her brothers Jamie, Graham, and Noah, showed an overwhelming mastery of their art. The entire band’s enthusiasm during their opening song truly set the bar high for the rest of their set.

A tender moment arose when the band played their love ballad “Tell Her You Love Her.” The crowd, after being excited for their opening few songs, calmed and there was a stillness and attention that enveloped the room. Sydney sang this particular song with the most soul and heart. Her tender voice, even during the chorus and the harmonies provided by her two older brothers Jamie and Noah sent tingles down my spine. The end of the song came and it felt like there was a lingering heaviness in the room, but it was most definitely not a bad thing. Not many bands can evoke such strong emotions during a live set, but they truly delivered.

One of the most notable songs of the night was the performance of their popular song “Cool Kids.” From the first opening bars, the room was filled with cheers and phone screens. Sydney often let the crowd take over and it provided for a very intimate feeling. To not hear one voice, but the voice of about a hundred people singing how they wanted to feel like cool kids is a moment that I’m sure many bands love to see and experience. What was truly incredible was that the band wasn’t nervous about playing their smash hit (or they didn’t appear to be). Performing a live rendition of a song that is so overwhelming popular is a feat, but this young band accomplished it like professionals and this is true of their entire set. The band was poised, yet enthusiastic and it made the crowd go wild.

Echosmith will be continuing on the Honda Civic Tour with the Mowgli’s and American Authors, making stops in major cities across the country. This is definitely a band to keep an eye out for. Their noticeable sound and astoundingly heart-felt lyrics will keep them in the spotlight for years to come.