Concert Review: Silversun Pickups

Halloran from 91X broadcasts a live interview with Silversun Pickups at X-Fest

Halloran from 91X broadcasts a live interview with Silversun Pickups at X-Fest; credit: 91X

By: Juan Barragan
Silversun Pickups
30th Annual 91X Fest
Sleep Train Amphitheatre
20 September, 2013

One of the music jewels of San Diego is undoubtedly our independent radio station from Baja California, Mexico: 91X. As a radio station that has been around for 30 years, they have the followers needed to pack any venue in San Diego very easily. 91X gives back to their listeners by putting on a music festival every year. One of the bands that they brought with them for this year’s festival was Silversun Pickups.

Silversun Pickups is a band from Los Angeles that has been around for a little over ten years. When they took the stage at Sleep Train Amphitheatre, the venue was at capacity with people eager to hear them play. The band started their set with, “Skin Graph,” a song off of their most recent album, Neck of the Woods. After hearing this song, it was no wonder why the new album has enjoyed the extreme popularity it gained since its release. The song captures the sounds that are unique to Silversun Pickups: Electronic vibes that are carried by an overall rock feel.

After playing a couple of songs from the new album, Silversun Pickups started to play their hits to get the crowd pumped for the next act that was after them. “Panic Switch,” was one of these songs, and the crowd went wild as they sang along to one of the band’s more popular songs. The band ended with “Lazy Eye,” which is the song that catapulted the band onto the mainstream alternative rock radio back in 2006 with the release of their album, Carnavas.

Altogether, Silversun Pickups was a great band to see live at X-Fest this year. The band sounded just as a good as they do on the albums, and the energy from the crowd made the experience even better. Music from Silversun Pickups can be found online on any online music store.