Concert Review: The Fratellis At The House of Blues





By: Ava Tauler. Fratellis. The House of Blues. October 6, 2015

The booming instrumental melody of the “Can Can” filled the House of Blues as everyone anxiously awaited indie rock Glasgow natives, the Fratellis, to appear on stage. Lights were dimmed with only the venues red logo visible. As the song faded out, bright lights illuminated the stage. The crowd started to roar as lead singer and guitarist, Jon Fratelli took the mic and instantly captivated the audience with his melodic voice and gritty guitar playing. His fingers moved effortlessly along the frets of his guitar, each chord vibrating through the venue. Bassist Barry Fratelli and drummer Mince Fratelli were conducive to adding high energy. They dominated the stage with their immense musical talent, which initiated a vibrant and dynamic rock concert.

The Fratellis started their set strong with one of their hits, “Henrietta” from their 2007 album Costello Music. The crowd beamed with excitement as the upbeat tempo immersed everyone into a rock vibe. They continued their set with bluesy riffs and powerful drumbeats in “Halloween Blues”. Jon incorporated a sonorous guitar solo illuminating his exceptional guitar skills. The audience knew all the lyrics and were all moving freely with the music. They slowed it down with “Whistle for the Choir” and everyone came together singing and swaying to the melodic guitar chords.

Playing a remarkable nineteen set concert, they finished with an impressive, four set encore. They started their encore with the more relaxed vocals of “Desperate Guy”. In juxtaposition, the crowd went wild when the drums started the beat for their popular song “Chelsea Dagger” followed by the guitar and Jon’s resonant voice. That’s the song everyone was anticipating for a big encore piece, and they surely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The Fratellis sensational stage presence generated electric energy from the audience. They put on a great show and I would definitely recommend their music. The intimate size of the House of Blues was also an ideal venue to allow you to feel connected with the band. You could get completely engaged in the performance in a smaller scale setting. All in all, the Fratellis were truly captivating with their lively performance for their “Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied” tour.