Concert Review: The Rapture

The Rapture at The Glass House on Oct. 7. Photo by Bryan Mojica


By Marisa Dodge

The Rapture
The Glass House
Pomona, CA
Friday, October 7, 2011

Founded in New York City, The Rapture is dance-punk band that integrates influences from assorted genres consisting of post-punk, disco, rock, electronica, and acid house. On Friday Oct. 7, The Rapture filled The Glass House in Pomona, CA. The post-punk revival pioneers brought the punk rock, but its associated subculture of the modern day RSVP’ed as well.

The dim atmosphere was lit by deeply colored beams, with the band bright in the light with their variation of instruments that include: the guitar, drums, percussion, keyboards, saxophone, bass guitar, in addition to the vocals. Opening with, “In The Grace Of Your Love,” the saxophone sounded out alone but existed also as incorporation within the collaboration of the multi-instrumental music. The vocals with these instruments created the essence of the band’s name itself. The set list delivered exactly what the crowd was wanting, if the crowd could make sense of it.

As prevailing Rapture fans originated to rock out to punk, likewise punk rockers were ever-present. The music was exhilarating but furthermore stimulated defense mechanisms as sudden stage view impairment presented itself, elbows were raised, feet cleated, and the swaying turned to smack down. Even next to a D-1 college football player, our friendship was temporarily compromised as I was sucker punched, and my right foot left for dead among this crowd. Too many personal fouls can lead to offending feisty fellow music goers and/or ejection. The Rapture (@ITSTHERAPTURE) tweeted, “First fight at a Rapture show I can remember for 8 years, all ages show Pomona, also bouncer pile drived a kid off…” It was on, but my recollection of the post-punk I came to rock to was seemingly off. The impression of this show failed to transpire as an impressionable perspective for attendees getting drop kicked.

Despite the casualties, The Rapture ended the show in an excited encore with,  “How Deep Is Your Love?” and “Sail Away”. The punk-rockers and the punks who got rocked all wanted more all the same. The Rapture’s song poses the inquisition, “How Deep Is Your Love?” To hear your music and see you at your concert, I let myself be bashed, thrashed, clobbered and bothered. My love for Rapture: cavernous.