Concert Review: Theophilus London

Concert: Theophilus London

The show took place on the 24th at the Key Club in L.A. The opening acts were pretty painful, but Theophilus made up for it. With the new release of the Lovers Holiday EP, the buzz about Theophilus London seemed to be peaking right before the show.

I came into the show thinking that it could be a hit or miss kind of show, but I was surprised with the energy that Theophilus London brought to the stage. Yea the dood is beginning to look a little bit like a fusion of Michael Jackson and Prince when he is on stage, but his performance spoke for itself. TL hit all the spots when it came to his performance: playing the key hits that people wanted to hear, check, having a guitarist with ridiculously sweet Hawaiian shirt and Knicks hat (swag!), check, dance his face off, check, pulling random chicks on stage so they can shake their business as if it was the last chance on the Earth for them to ever shake it ever again, check, throwing money at the crowd, check.

Ok so let’s get to the point here Constable, so would I suggest that you see Theophilus London live? Shyea, get on dat. If you like hip-hop but currently think that everything coming out on the Top 40 sucks yaason the give Theophilus a try. His songs range from electro-remixes to good old New York hip-hop, but also manage to make a stop at some 80s pop funkyness as well. His tracks vary as much as his wardrobe, but both of which are respectfully fresh. So give these songs a try and if you dig, see him live. If you don’t, don’t. Stay fresh kids.

Eating Leaves on the Reg,

CC Thunderdome

Theophilus London- Why Even Try

Theophilus London- I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover)